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Thumb prehysterical adelaide 800x800  002
Fringefeed | 18 Feb 2020
"PreHysterical appeals to anyone with a funny bone."
Thumb shreklesque hero image
Pelican Magazine | 18 Feb 2020
"a lot of fun, and definitely a unique viewing experience"
Thumb salsun801
Menagerie Choir's Songs From A Distant Sun
Fringefeed | 17 Feb 2020
"bold and brilliant"
Thumb untitled design  5
You're a Good Man, Dr Pirate
The Fourth Wall | 17 Feb 2020
"will leave you awe inspired to live your life fully"
Thumb you vegotmail fw01
You've Got Mail
The Fourth Wall | 17 Feb 2020
"a hilarious exploration of rom-com tropes"
Thumb me
Sonny Yang's Incredibly Stupid Adventure Game
The Fourth Wall | 17 Feb 2020
"one of those experiences that will have you in stitches."
Thumb final
The Oracle
Fringefeed | 17 Feb 2020
"The Oracle is an unscripted, improvised performance from The Actors Workshop which relies heavily on audience engagement in order to drive the story."
Thumb team of the decades fw01
Team of the Decades
The Fourth Wall | 17 Feb 2020
"an intelligent swipe at binaries, language, and the performative nature of society"
Thumb thenose fw01
The Nose
The Fourth Wall | 17 Feb 2020
"Everything is done at a cracking pace and the trio do well to keep on track of things."
Thumb star power   fw01
The Fourth Wall | 17 Feb 2020
"a showstopper"
Thumb square airplane pic
Aliya Kanani: Where you From, From?
The Fourth Wall | 17 Feb 2020
"feel connected to humanity through humour."
Thumb lyra square
The Fourth Wall | 17 Feb 2020
"an elegant display of the human body’s capabilities, which will have you gasping for more."